Red Soul

Getting the CD + their signature. they wrote my name too! (in Korean - 제넷) 

What I wore to the showcase:  mini blue skirt // top - Forever21 // Bag - H&M

For all k-pop lovers. have you ever heard about Red Soul? They are an acapella group with 5 members in the band. They have been covering various of songs like : Maroon five - This Love2PM tik tok & heartbeat,  Ne Yo - So sick, etc. They have won in several singing competitions. I just went to their showcase / a small concert today. I listened to the songs in live. Besides that, they also sang some songs from their very first album. That was my first time knowing their songs. They Have amazing voices and each of them has different talent and speciality, including beat box and rapping. They sang from fast beat songs, mixing the songs like 2PM - Hands Up , 2NE1 - I am the best to mellow songs. Most of the songs in their albums are romantic, and sweet songs. I just melted by the voices and the meaning of the songs that I understand. Luckily I understand some Korean words. I'm so grateful that I could knew them, these all thanks to my friend.

Check this too! Their appearance in Star King. Their part in the show is around (5:04)

Have a great weekend!