Merry Christmas!

Hi, everyone! First of all I wanna say "Merry Christmas!". I hope everyone of you had a great day! For me, I just feel that this time, the Christmas feeling was not as strong as before. I felt today was just another normal day off. But it's okay, I know Christmas is not about that, but it's about Jesus who was born 2000 years ago, I thank God for everything that He gave me until today :)

Today I spent the day with my friend and a friend of her. We went to a shopping mall and we spent for almost 8 hours there. Most of the time we sat into a place and had something to eat/ drink. There was no caroling, no ginger bread/cookies, no, nothing close to that. I hope next year is gonna be a better Christmas!

And.. last but not least. I'll be going to BALI tomorrow with all of my family members! my parents, sisters, brother, brothers in law, my grandma, and my lil niece. It's gonna be great! I'll be going there till next week :) on 30th. I hope I will be having a great trip and also I hope you guys will have a super great days before 2010 end.

I am wearing a strechable pencil skirt.. I don't want to look like a person who is going back from the office. I wanted to look like a casual outfts, So, I paired it with a long torso shirt that I tucked in to the skirt, a belt, and a pair of flat shoes.

what I love the most about my look is my lil Eiffel necklace