We called it "OUR Last Day Of School!"

Today, as usual I went to school "almost" on time. My bro and I were planning to coma late to school, but at the end we just came during the assembly :(
I thought, today we are still having classes, but I was wrong.. There were no classes today!! AT ALL!.. The whole school time was FREE~
I was bored with my friends, We got nothing to do.. The guys were playing basketball.. :(

We went to the MAMAK Store near our school. I ate there~ This place is the one that I usually go for the half years time.. I usually ordered the Maggie goreng.. Yummy~ LOL.~ Maybe today was my last time to eat this in that place. After that, we went back to school. and again the guys were playing basketball. and I went to the GAZEBO (hut in the park) they called it GAZEBO. My friends and I were eating crackers and ice cream :D
AFterh awhile, we went to the seats next to the court.. I was bored again, I was playing NDS, looking around, and doing nothing.. AT the end, I asked my bro to go back home. Before we go back home, My friends were calling us to write on something on their t-shirts. WOW~ I want to do it too .. But then, I didn't bring any :( Most of my friends brought cameras and took a lot of pictures! hehe

SO, this is called the last day of school~ I will be missing my School's life~ I'll cherish all of the memories that I in this 2 years~ and of course I will be missing all of my friends. I'm glad to know all of them! :D Hope we still be in touch in the future! :D

So, tomorrow's plan will be having fun @ SUNWAY Pyramid (again?!) For me, this mall is my second home. Boring~~~ Whoam~! Hehehe. No! It's going to be fun! :D

After that I went back home as usual..~ BY LRT, BUS, and TAXI. :( Tiring day. After I arrived home, I slept~~ I was exhausted.. :(